Bell Target
Bell Target
Bell Target

Bell Target

Hand made bell target. This classic English pub game is typically shot at 7 yards (6 meters in the UK). The 3/8" hole is supposed to represent a man's head at 100 yards. The Bell Pub Game dates back to 1903 when pubs were encouraged to teach marksmanship for the country's good. Here at Edgun West, we think the Engish of the 1900s had it right, and everyone should learn to be a marksman, so we are bringing the game back to life with this USA hand-made Bell Target. 

The target plate has a 3/8 inch (9.525mm) hole in the center. If enough pellet goes down the hole, the mechanism is triggered, and Bell Rings.
The scoring rings are 1 inch, 2 inches, and 3-inch in diameter (not inc bull). 

  • The bull scores 5 
  • The next ring, 4
  • The next ring, 3
  • Final ring 2
  • Outside of that, the score is ZERO. 
  • In the case of a split shot, the majority of the mark left by the pellets decides the score and typically scores the higher amount. 
  • In some leagues, a pellet going down the hole without leaving a mark scores 5.1. 
  • If the Bell does not ring, the lower 4 is the score. 
  • The bull is around shoulder height from the floor in most leagues. 
  • Usually, a shooter will have 5 or 6 scoring shots depending on the competition and league.
  • Repaint the target between the shooter

NOTE: Please contact us prior to placing an international order.