Edgun Leshiy 2 Badger (REPR)

The BADGER combines the 11 inch Carbon Fiber handguard. 350 MM Alpha barrel with the highly effective "five stacks" Huma MOD40 Silencer system. In addition, the BADGER includes a custom coupling that provides the tightest fit without the moderator touching the handguard—offered in 350MM  barrel length. Light, quiet, and functional, the BADGER is just perfect for those who want to add different optics or night vision. The BADGER comes with a special coupling to fit the Valkyrie handguard that was specially designed to keep the Huma MOD40 attach with the least amount of space possible  All BADGER are hand-tuned prior to leaving.  Adjustable power, makes this system perfect for days afield or backyard adventures.  The Huma-Air Modular Airgun Silencer or Moderator, BADGER pre-assembled with 5x40 mm. modules this silencer, or moderator consists of a start chamber with fixed female M14X1.25, three extra 50 mm long volume chambers an endcap. All these five chambers are filled with wired metal inserts wrapped with our special Kevlar ® enforced ballistic fibers to minimize the sound. This system allows you to configure your silencer in length, caliber, volume chamber size, and internal silencer chamber content. 

The REPR is a transverse or perpendicular micro regulator that is only a few MM tall.  It uses a cup that is screwed into the plenum sideways.  A mini Belleville washer stack is used along with a single-piston O-ring.  Placed between the air reservoir and plenum is a debris plug that prevents contaminants from entering the regulator.  The REPR is capable of regulating the plenum pressure between 60-280 BAR.  The black disc is used to either increase or decrease pressure in the plenum.  With the REPR,  increase and decrease of the regulator pressure can be done while the gun is fully charged, no need to degas the Leshiy to adjust the regulator. Additionally, the REPR is equipped with a removable plug with 1/8 BSPP threads; this is used to check the plenum's pressure if desired.    The key to this system is not the volume of the plenum nor the fact that the pressure can go so high - but the combination of the patented valve and high-pressure regulator.  No need to waste money on "power plenums" or other snake oil items.,  Leave those upgrades for traditional valve systems.  The new REPR comes complete with everything you need, straight from EDgun.  Ed has a tradition of selling guns that don't need aftermarket gizmos to ensure performance.  The new REPR is ready directly from EDgun without having to pay for extra items 

Edgun Leshiy 2 BADGER R.E.P.R.  SPECS 

  • OAL 36 inches
  • OAL Folded 23 inches
  • LOP 15 inches to the center of the trigger
  • 350 MM Barrel 
  • Trigger grip LOO 3.8 inches
  • air reservoir volume 170 CC
  • hammerless
  • semi-automatic 
  • 8 round rotary magazine (detachable)
  • weight 6.25 pounds
  • Trigger - single-stage nonadjustable 
    • 1 pound pull
  • Picatinny top rail -20 MOA
  • Picatinny bottom rail - 5 slot 
  • Barrel length 350 MM (13.75 inches)
  • Regulator capacity (adjustable)
    • 60-280 BAR
Included with the gun
  • 2 magazines included (8 round)
  • 2 magazine holders
  • fill probe
  • spare transfer ports (pucks)
  • 2 spare magazine magnet
  • 11 Inch Carbon Fiber  Valkryie handguard
  • Huma MOD40 5 stack Silencer system 
Shot count / Speed / Working Pressure
  • 177 Caliber 
    • 945 FPS 10.34 grain
    • 36 shots per fill
    • 90-300 bar
  • .22  Caliber
    • 915 FPS (18.1 grain)
    • 28 Shots per fill
    •  120-300 BAR
  • .25 Caliber
    •  850FPS (25.39 grain)
    •  22 shots per fill
    • 130-300 bar
  • .30 caliber
    • 805 FPS (44.75 grain)
    • 18 shots per fill
    • 130-300 bar