MOD 40 Modular Silencer System (40mm)

Modular Airgun Silencer or Moderator, MOD40-5/0 pre-assembled with 5x40 mm. modules (Long)
This silencer, or moderator, consists of a start chamber with fixed female 1/2UNFx20, or M14X1.25 threads (used on several FX models), four extra 40 mm long volume chambers an endcap.
 All these five chambers filled with wired metal inserts wrapped with our special Kevlar ® enforced ballistic fibers to minimize the sound.
 This system allows you to configure your silencer in terms of length, caliber, volume chamber size, and internal silencer chamber content.
 Optionally you can add or remove volume chambers with different lengths, volumes, and internals.
 By mixing these variables, you can influence your silencer's frequency and output decibels and adjust them correctly, matching your rifle.
The benefits of the Huma-Air Modulair Airgun Silencer:
  • The possibility to make the silencer rifle specific will allow you to reduce the output noise to an absolute minimum.
  • The precision machined volume chambers are screwed into each other making it very easy to switch or change the setup.
  • You can add or remove 40 mm or 20 mm long volume chambers to the design.
  • The 40 mm sections' internal parts consist of a metal wired sleeve with Kevlar (aramid) enforced ballistic fibers around it to reduce the sound.
  • You can also choose to use maximum volume without the standard inserts in the volume chambers.
  • The system is caliber specific in a combined .177 /.22 version, a .25, and a .30 model. Of course, you can use a .25/30 model for .22 and .177 too.

   Material      Aircraft Aluminium     
  Number of 40 mm chambers      Startpiece + 4 extra chambers     
  Number of 20 mm chambers      0     
  Weight      250 Gram.     
  Lenght      228 mm.     
  Diameter (Outside)      40 mm.     
  Tread size      1/2UNFx20 or N14X1.25  
  Finish      Satin black anodized

Thread Size
M14X1.25 EDgun/ Vulcan/Ataman

1/2X20 for FX /Taipan/Zbroia


Thread Size