First Impressions of the Leshiy 2

Hey guys, I wanted to share my 30-day review of the Leshiy 2.  About a month ago, Ed sent me two prototypes Leshiy 2 to learn the gun, take it apart, test it, review and start producing some content.  Ed's reaction was unique versus other weapons he has sent me; his first texts were, "You got it! Tell me your opinion." The question reminded me of when you submit your child out into the world, and one wonders how the world will accept the child you've raised.  Immediately I was taken by the feel.   I picked the gun up, and she felt substantial, not a toy, more like a firearm.  It has that unmistakable EDgun feel, yet something different, something like a short-barreled rifle ready to be taken in horrible conditions.  I assembled all the parts, threw it on an optic, loaded the magazine, and then gassed it up and burned it down.  The first day I ate through 4 tins (150 count) of 30 caliber 44.75-grain pellets.  By the end of the second day, I was seven tins lighter in my stock room.  Leshiy 2 proved to be impossible to pull the trigger just once; a double or triple tap was all too common.  As the tins emptied the smile factor increased; a functional problem to have, a gun that makes one empty tin a and not regret a single pellet lost

Enough targets shot at this point this gun meant to take to the field; I wanted to see how the gun performed, felt, carried, and how packable the Leshiy 2 was. We all know the Leshiy Classic changed the game, just like the R2.5 Matador sent some of the largest airgun companies scrambling to build a PCP bullpup, the Leshiy has spawned a new class of backpack compatible airguns. Like one company uses in their advertisement, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery." Leshiy 2 will be no different, as it is always easier to draft than to lead.

Leshiy 2 is a field or truck gun at its very core. I know there will be comparisons with other "target" guns, but this is not where the Leshiy lives. The gun's design found in in the name; The Leshiy (леший) The Leshy is masculine and humanoid in shape, can assume any likeness and can change in size and height. He is sometimes portrayed with horns and surrounded by packs of wolves and bears. He is known by some to have a propensity to lead travelers astray and abduct children (which he shares with, the "Black One"), which would lead some to believe he is an evil entity. Also known to have a more neutral disposition towards humans, dependent on the attitudes and behaviors of an individual, or local population, towards the forest. Leshy could take children who were cursed by their relatives (particularly parents) away to the forest people. Some would, therefore, describe him as more of a temperamental being, like a fairy. The EDgun Leshiy is all these things along with a gun that belongs in the elements connected with nature.

The uniqueness of the Leshiy 2 feels like it could also run steel, put her on with a 2 point sling and a dueling tree and have a beautiful afternoon at a fraction of the cost compared to ripping 5.56 NATO rounds, and the best part- no hearing protection required. I am currently running the Delta Stryker FFP 4.5-30X56 as the long-range optic solution with a 45 degree offset and an RMR red dot for close-in targets. This shooting solution removes the need for a close parallax scope while allowing the shooter to have quick target acquisition.

In the field, the gun carries as it should, light, compact, and easy to shoulder. If your days afield require hiking, I do not see a better solution than the Leshiy 2. The second tube perfectly fits in your hand when the Leshiy 2 folded in half, not only rendering the gun completely safe but compact for one-hand carrying. Throw in a single point sling with the QD ring provided on the weapon, and there is no excuse to stay home.

Accuracy is superb. The sample came with a 250 MM Alpha Precision barrel; this is a 12 grove airgun barrel made in Russian without a choke. The pellets showed to be perfectly stable in the .25 and.30 caliber models and in real-world conditions, the 250 mm barrel performed more like a long barrel than one that is almost pistol length Cleaning is simple, and I would say needed less frequently when compared to other .30 caliber barrels. After 600 rounds, I decided to clean the barrels, and I did not notice lead deposits, mostly graphite. This new partnership with Alpha-Precision welcomed addition as we need more barrel makers for our sport to grow.

I see Leshiy 2 as the jump into a new direction for EDgun while sticking to Ed's simple, robust, and reliable core design. Leshiy 2 will be expandable with the possibilities of personalization being nearly endless. A great time to be an air-gunner, Leshiy 2 has the capability of crossing over into the firearms market and bringing new customers into the beautiful world of PCP airguns.

More to come

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Steve Lim

Jul 05, 2020 08:13 AM PST

Clearly Eduardo is an engineering genius. His concepts are found in the future and he is able to make the vision reality. I will be proud to own such a work of art. Thanks for the review Brian, Steve

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