Winter Pest Control - Vol 4 - EDgun Leshiy, Leyla, R5M and ATN X Sight 4K Proamp;lt;bramp;gt;amp;lt;bramp;gt;

In Volume 4 of the Winter Pest Control series I'm going to introduce something I'm gonna call 'Pellet Vision'. I was messing around with some editing, and was able to track the pellet like you were riding behind it. It was kind of crazy. Definitely something I'll use sparingly, but still cool in my opinion. Let me know what you think.

In Volume 4, the primarily targets are rats and squirrels. The never ending conveyer of these guys seems like it will never end... which is great justification for the EDgun armory in my closet ;)

The Leyla and R5M got most of the action in this volume, but I'm almost done with my new Leshiy build... here's a few pics... just a couple things to go.

if you're interested in one, make sure to join the EDgun Leshiy Owners Group FB page. Steven Brown is his name, and you can PM him once you're in the group.

Anyways, here's Volume 4 of the Winter Pest Control series... enjoy!

Summary of my EDgun Leshiy full setup

Gun: EDgun Leshiy in both .25 and .177 (find a dealer in your region)
Barrel Length: Custom 280mm
Ammo: Shoots basically anything, but primarily I shoot JSB 25gr Kings and 26gr Polymags
Regulator: Hybrid HUMA setup... HUMA Sub 12ft/lb Kit Plenum, Valve, Valve spring, and hammer spring. Then I use the standard high-power HUMA regulator. Why? Sounds like you're a details person... scroll down, and get your fill.
Moderator: DonnyFL Emperor V3 and the the RONIN. I use the Emperor for backyard, and the RONIN for more pack friendly trip to the woods.
Scope: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x
Quick Release Mount: ATN Quick Release
IR Light: Streamlight TLR-1 IR
Bipod: Atlas
Rail Extension: Lion Gears 12 Slots 0.5' Low Profile Picatinny Rail
Custom Grip: You need to join the EDgun Owners Facebook group. Simply search for custom grip, and you'll find Steven Brown. He's your man.
Tune: 105bar on the reg, and then turned HST up to get to the following... JSB .25 Kings @ 545fps (16ft/lbs) and the Polymags @ 520fps (15ft/lbs)



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