Scalarworks Peak Sights

World's finest fixed iron sights
They are designed for discerning shooters who want the familiarity of classic AR-15 fixed iron sights while demanding modern features, refined styling, and world-class build quality.
In making the Peak Sights, we left no stone unturned and few parts untouched. Every significant component is custom-designed with meaningful improvements to function, and precision CNC machined to the highest standards of fit & finish.
Peak Sights are designed around a modern 15" sight radius. While carbine length rifles have become the norm, most fixed iron sights still use components designed for the M16A2's 20" sight radius.
Peak Sights have manually adjustable elevation (front) and windage (rear): Both with a refined 0.5MOA/click, which matches most Red Dot sights'. The Peak sight post is CNC machined to the correct width for a 15" sight radius, non-rotating for finer adjustment, and flat-faced to eliminate highlight bias.
The human eye intuitively centers objects within a bright aperture. Peak Sights have precision CNC milled apertures that are flat toward the shooter to create highlight bias. Stock A2 peep apertures are cast and have a scallop facing the shooter, generating a misleading highlight.
They are meticulously machined to be the lightest fixed iron sights in existence without compromising an ounce of strength.
Every Peak sight is CNC milled from 7075-T6 billet, which has vastly superior mechanical properties to 6061-T6 and is used where ultimate strength and durability outweigh cost considerations.
Peak Sights have a streamlined profile free of protruding levers and knobs that won't rap your knuckles or get caught on clothing, gear, and surroundings.
Specifications for Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Iron Sight Set:
Color:    Black
Gun Model:    SIG Sauer MCX, FN SCAR, AR-10, AR-15, Leshiy 2 Valkryie 
Fabric/Material:    7075-T6 Aluminum / 4140H Steel
Height:    36 mm, 1.42 in
Features of Scalarworks PEAK Fixed Iron Sight Set:
  • Made almost entirely of custom CNC machined components
  • Lightest fixed iron sights in existence.
  • Designed around a modern 15" sight radius
  • Square-faced non-rotating sight post (correctly sized for modern sight radius)
  • Shooter facing flat rear peep apertures to eliminate highlight bias.
  • Tool-free 0.5MOA/click front sight elevation adjustment
  • Tool-free 0.5MOA/click rear sight windage adjustment
  • Streamlined profile free of protruding levers or knobs
  • Smooth cross bolts that won't scratch your Picatinny rail.
HEIGHT OVER RAIL: 36mm (1.42") @ center of elevation range
CLICK VALUE: 0.5 MOA @ 15" Sight Radius
ADJUSTMENT RANGE: 47.2 MOA Elevation / 57.6 MOA Windage @ 15" Sight Radius
FLIP APERTURES: 1.78mm/5.08mm (0.07"/0.20") diameter - Same-Plane
SIGHT POST: 1.35mm (0.053") width - Non-Rotating
Package Contents:
  • Scalarworks Peak fixed sights
  • Nylok treated cross bolts
  • T25 Torx driver bit
  • User manual and Warranty card