Leshiy 2 Power Jets

Edgun Leshiy 2 Power jets are used to control the valve dwell time.  Dwell time just simply how long the valve stays open.  The longer the valve opens, the more air can pass through the transfer port. The speed of the pellet is determined by both the pressure and volume of air pushed through the transfer port into the barrel.  Think of this as Volts (pressure) and amperes (volume).  Together these will determine how much power the gun is set at.  Think of these jets as your hammer spring tensioner 

Before opening the gun and changing jets, ensure you have a CLEAN environment free of dirt, debris, or other potential contaminants.  The valve itself must never get dirt or debris introduced into the mechanism  
  • complete set of jets, 12 (0.2-1.3)
  • each jet has a pair of bore sizes
  • the larger opening (bore size) means less dwell time
  • the smaller opening (bore size)means a longer dwell time
  • There are 100s of combinations of jets that can be used