EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)
EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)
EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)
EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)
EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)
EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)

EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350MM (.35)

Introducing the EDgun Leshiy 2 9mm (.357) SBR 350 MM barrel, the perfect EDC airgun for those who demand power and portability. Made in the USA, this compact airgun is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Equipped with a .357 Blackout Kit and all the premium accessories you need, including a Behemoth Suppressor, FDE Micarta grip, 350cc bottle, Muzzle Brake, Reg Adjustment Tool, 2 Picatinny Rail Sections, and Monster Plenum, the Leshiy 2 9mm is ready for action straight out of the box.

With its lightweight and foldable design, the Leshiy 2 9mm can easily fit into a standard day pack, making it the ultimate choice for those on the go. The quick detach behemoth suppressor makes it even more compact, ensuring you can take it anywhere.

The Leshiy 9MM (.35) still can take smaller calibers, allowing the user to turn the 9MM into the  Super Leshiy for long-range slug shooting. 

Don't let its small size fool you; the Leshiy 2 9mm packs a powerful punch, making it easy to take down larger game. It's the ultimate EDC airgun, keeping you prepared for any situation. Get your hands on the EDgun Leshiy 2 9mm and experience the power of a compact airgun made in the USA.

EDgun Leshiy 2 9MM 350 Specs
  • 350MM Alfa Precision 
    • Polygonal barrel
    • Twist 1:15 Right hand 
    • Lands .349 (8.87MM)
    • Grooves .355 (9.02MM)
    • No Choke
  • Weight 6.4 Pounds
  • OAL  with Behemoth - 37 inches
  • Folded with Behemoth 25 inches
  • Folded without Behemoth - 19 inches
  • Reservoir Volume 480CC (with plenum)
  • Blackout Kit
  • Tri-Lug Muzzle Brake
  • 350MM M-Lok / Picatinny Handguard
  • 5 Section Behemoth Tri-Lug
  • Behemoth Tri-lug
  • REPR Adjustment Took
  • Custom Gauge
  • FDE Micarta Grip
  • Custom 350CC bottle (300BAR)
  • Monster Plenum
  • Multi-Caliber Capable 
  • Made In the USA
Approximate Performance 
  • 81 Grain JSB 760-800 FPS
  • Shot count 10-16 (depending on regulator setting)
  • Regulator setting 150-170
Edgun REPR
Raptor Regulator
Air Reservoir
350CC Carbon fiber bottle
460CC Monster Bottle
$2,850.00 - $3,200.00
(based on selected options)