It's finally here!  The EDgun Leshiy 2 is without a doubt the most advanced and ultimate airgun on the market.  It's everything you loved about the original plus everything you've ever wanted in a version 2... multi-shot, semi-auto, AR grip compatible, larger air tank, and much more!  The Leshiy 2 is an absolute masterpiece.  
Let's cut right to the chase... how can you buy one?!?!

The demand is incredibly high, and our initial supply will be limited to 100.  As a result, we are implementing a pre-ordering system to manage the first 100, and then a first come first served reservation process after the initial 100 sells out.  We are finishing up the final details of this system so that pre-ordering is transparent and fair.  I will have more details on this new pre-order system and process in the coming weeks. For now, use the form to signup for a notification regarding when the pre-ordering is launching.  I'll be sending some insider information about the gun, along with videos and other details as well.

Please provide the following data around your desired configuration.

EDgun Leshiy 2 Photos

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