The EDgun Lelya 2.0 is an amazingly compact bullpup airgun.  Available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, the performance to size ratio is extraordinary!  While many shoot it off a bag, or bipod, the Lelya 2.0 excels with offhand shooting.  The gun fits like a glove!  

Here's a quick excerpt from Pitor Ma's review (which you can find here:
Yeah, I jumped a little bit late on the Lelya 2.0 bandwagon – at least half year after it appeared in shops. And that was my initial setup: .177 cal (set to FT/HFT energy level of 12 fpe), 1-6x24 C-More competition scope, Leupold mount, Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb pack, two polymer mags and JSB Exact ammo. Forgot about Vortex Ranger 1000 rangefinder. Overall not so bad for a starter kit, right? I must admit, overall look of this combo is unique and beautiful! Also thanks to nice figuring in that walnut stock. As far as I know Edgun changed supplier of the wood material not long before I got my Lelya 2.0, so if you’d purchase your Lelya 2.0 now you should get her dressed in a really nice timber (btw, there’s a laminate option too). Overall look of that little bullpup resembles more 'micro Matador R5M' than old-school single shot Lelya. And indeed Lelya 2.0 shares all mechanics with new Matador, so should be really darn robust and reliable. And accurate too! The new one is not as compact as the old one (about 2 inches longer) plus it’s is considerably heavier due to bigger tank diameter, chunkier moderator and multishot mechanics of course. And new rock-solid chassis. But still fits perfectly inside my Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb pack, so it’s cool.

PLEASE NOTE: The gun routinely sells out, so do not hesitate if you find it in stock.  You can also pre-order if the gun is in fact out of stock.

EDgun Lelya 2.0 Photos