EDgun Leshiy 2 - An Engineering Masterpiece

It's finally here! The EDgun Leshiy 2 is without a doubt the most advanced and ultimate airgun on the market. It's everything you loved about the original plus everything you've ever wanted in a version 2... multi-shot, semi-auto, AR grip compatible, larger air tank, and much more! The Leshiy 2 is an absolute engineering masterpiece… take a bow Ed!

EDgun Leshiy 2

I'll get into a full overview once I have my hands on one, but I wanted to get this initial article out to showcase the thing we have all been waiting for with a few photos and main features. The EDgun Leshiy 2 is here! Ed didn't just bring us a multi-shot Leshiy... he made the thing a semi auto! It's 8 round mag (at least in the .30 pictured here) looks to effortlessly cycle in the videos posted thus far.

Next on the wishlist was air capacity. Leshiy 2 has a double tank, where the bottom one is removable for larger options. I don't have shot count information yet, but I have seen what full horse power looks like in the 30... woah!

Edgun leshiy 2 bottle

It's a fluid situation with IWA being cancelled, so I think we will get a lot more details over the coming days, but for now it sounds like it's available .177, .22, .25, and 30 calibers.... in both 250mm and 350mm versions.

EDgun Leshiy 2

so, the question now is how can you buy one????

EDgun West is setting up a preordering system for the first shipment. There are more details coming soon, but to ensure you are one of the first to be able to preorder, make sure to signup on his website here: https://www.edgunwest.com/edgun-leshiy-2-preorder-notification/

Here's a complete overview video on the Leshiy 2 as well... whom else is drooling for more???



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Andrew odom

Apr 20, 2021 08:33 PM PDT

How can I buy one of your guns?

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