EDgun Leshiy HUMA Pellet Dispenser

EDgun Leshiy HUMA Pellet Dispenser
Let me tell a bit more HUMA pellet dispenser. It's an ongoing never-ending story of my Leshiy after all

So you've got Leshiy? Cool! Shooting off the bench is fine, with pellets in the tin. Sun is shining and life is good. But what if you want it to be your grab & go solution? So that you don't have to open a tin, box, pouch or whatever after each shot? And I believe no serious shooter uses just a front pocket… that would be bad bad news for Leshiy's barrels. Barrels hate sand dust, which builds up in the pockets no matter what. So far I've been using a piece of foam with holes punched in it but that was neither safe (for pellets) nor elegant. There were some solutions around but finally HUMA made it correct – it's simple to operate, compact, easy to install… and tough as nails!

The idea is just so simple – full metal body (same kind of hard alloy as Leshiy), black anodized, and sized just big enough for easy operation but still small enough to keep low profile of Leshiy. It really looks like it belongs to Leshiy! And that branding… how cool is that!  To install just pop-out the ammo wheel from chassis (held by magnets, no tools needed) and install with the provided screws and spacers on Leshiy's rail. Takes 3 minutes to install and adjust carefully. Gently tighten screws (don't over-tighten!) and put back the wheel. Done.
With gun pointing in safe direction turn it upside down and load the pellets by rotating ammo cylinder. Ball-bearing indexing aligns it perfectly for each pellet. In .22 it holds 13 rounds. Yeah, it's caliber specific so my advise – if you're using 2 calibers and swap barrels all the time – get dispenser in bigger caliber and just use for both. However, if you want to store maximum number of pellets and you don't swap barrels each day – I'd recommend to buy specific ones as the differences are considerable. In 177 it holds 17 rounds and 25 holds 11. Anyway… the choice is yours BUT if you're using 177 I'd definitely recommend to get this specific one. There's a clear difference between 17 and 11 pellets close at hand.

And when it's loaded… just cock the gun, grab dispenser, turn one click, and pellet is safely in your hand. Load and fire – fast & easy. Really #1 Leshiy accessory ever imho. Now Leshiy is really a grab & go solution.

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Víctor Manuel

Aug 16, 2019 08:54 PM PDT

I need a pcp no produce any noise


Rudy Smith

Aug 13, 2019 06:13 PM PDT

looking forward to my Leyla 2.0 in .25 cal - not sure on a scope??

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