AR style grip for the Leshiy

So... you thought it was the end of my search for perfect Leshiy configuration? You were all wrong!

Very recently one of the users on another forum (in US) offered to printed couple of AR-style grips for Leshiy for a nominal shipment fee of $20 and he even included Magpul AA insert with a grip in a package (which is $15 alone), yeah! Thanks buddy, that was very generous of you. And yes, I'm one of the lucky 5, who scored one! My printed grip arrived yesterday and I had a plan to install it during weekend but, as you can guess, I decided to try it right away. Yeah, we’re all boys, just toys are more and more expensive

So what can I say… first of all the quality is very good! Print is nice, the stippling panels on the front and back of the grip are sharp and crisp. The grip is quite lightweight but feels stout and solid in hand. Fit is absolutely good, it’s just the same level of fit accuracy as the original grip (just remember to check and clean from dirt all corners of the grip after you print it). Surface finish (if I can say that in case of 3D printed item) is absolutely perfect!

Now what I really dig about that grip is an AR-style look. It’s a match made in heaven and looks great on Leshiy. It fits my hand well, feels more like a combat grip on a firearm than a match grip of course. I can’t say much about how it’ll hold up and if it shoots as good as my previous laminated sculptured grip (which I’ll keep as it’s perfect for precise shooting). And last but not least… it holds that Magpul insert inside, which can be used for AA spare battery for my Stalker 6x or some tools. Or both. Or a small stash of pellets, just in case (did you ever forget pellets to the field? yeah, I did.)

It’s a solid stuff in my book! Field shots - just after weekend (or maybe still during weekend, who knows?)

BTW, it’s not a commercial project, there’s no place to buy/order it. However, you can just download the file and print either locally or order online at 3D printing agency / service provider. Should’t be a big deal actually. Good luck!

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